2015. I decide that I’ve made enough excuses and I begin the long and hard work on my idea.  It’s daunting that there seems to be an endless amount of work ahead. Some days I achieve nothing. Other days I look back and am glad that I’ve made small progress. Things are taking shape. I spend a few hours of every weekday towards my idea.

2016. Lots of detailed work on my idea. I’m surprised with myself that I managed to overlook so much. Re-work continues as I listen to house music. I try to remind myself that I just need to keep going.

Late 2016

What’s my idea? Write a Novel. Eventually I did!

Huge thanks to all my family and friends who’ve loved me and helped out. Without your support I’d not been able to make it this far. Special thanks to my beta readers and cover artist.

Have you got an idea niggling in your mind? Write it down, start the hard work, doooo it!

What’s your Journey?

2010. I created ‘The Reece Code’ a guide as to how I should live my life. A reminder to what I deem important. In this I wrote down that I should do something with my idea.

2012. I’ve planned and fleshed out a lot of the details from my mind. I kept a pad next to my bed when I slept. I’ve drawn pictures, made sculptures, written out thoughts and collected doodles.

But, I still havn’t made a decent attempt at doing something with my idea. Procrastination rules.

My Journey......

In 2007 I had an idea. It was nothing more than a concept in my head. Yet I thought it had great potential. For about 5 years it niggled about in my mind. I thought surely someone else would do something similar. But no-one did.  I’d often tell myself I should do something with it. But didn’t. My memory isn’t any good, so I began to write my ideas down.